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General Questions

  • Why do I want a web site?
    We'll talk this through with you. You need to have a clear idea at the outset of what you want your web site to achieve. The advantages to being on the Internet are very apparent these days.
  • How do I select a web designer?
    Take a long hard look at a designer's existing web sites. Do they stand out in the crowd? If not, look elsewhere. Look critically at the quality and crispness of images. Does the site load quickly, especially in the case of the early pages in the site? Don't make price the main priority - remember that your web site is a reflection on your business. A cheap job may be more expensive in the long term. Paying for extra functionality, such as a database driven design is more expensive initially, but allows you to update the content of your site quickly and easily yourself and can greatly extend the life of the site. But also consider that many (if not most) of your audience do not have top-of-the-line computers and will be irritated if your site crashes or features do not work.
  • Should I shop around for web designing services?
    As with anything else (like buying a car), you definitely should. You ought to decide on a budget first and ask several designers what they can do within that budget. The wide range of options that exist for designing a site make it almost impossible to compare differentials in the costs of various web sites where price alone is concerned. Look at what we can do, develop ideas for the appearance of your site, and ask us what would be involved. Check out some of the sites listed below. In most cases, content determines the format, not the desire to do something glitzy.

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Sites Provided by Fishenet


Brooklyn Coalition of Artists in Park Slope
Brooklyn Properties Real Estate
FreeLanceFoto: Photography by Kenneth Morris
Grobius (Sample Java Menus)
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